The Cloaked Schemer

Number six of Organization XIII

Character Name: Zexion
Series: Kingdom Hearts
Age: Physically he is 17, since he had spent so much time as a Nobody, although, if one were to get technical, he can also be considered 27.
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Heterosexual with asexual tendencies.
Alignment: Neutral-Good; he was formerly a member of Organization XIII, which, at that time, could have categorized him as "evil", but after a year, he's mellowed down, but he's mostly self-serving, with the exception of his 'associates', who he does, albeit internally, care about to a degree.
Species: Human, formerly a Nobody.
Physical description: Zexion is a thin, somewhat short young man with silver/grey hair. His bangs cover half of his face, while the back is cut short, and his face almost makes him appear even younger than he is, bar the fact that his expressions are far from childish. He is most often seen wearing a black cloak, with gloves and boots of the same color, as, even though he's no longer in the Organization, he has become accustomed to this attire.
Abilities: Zexion's most notable ability is that he can cast VERY plausible illusions. Be it making himself appear and sound like another, making one place seem entirely different, or even mimicking the fighting style of others and creating copies of himself, Zexion is very adept at mind games. Additionally, he is capable of utilizing dark corridors and has a keen sense of smell.
Personality: Originally, Zexion was a cruel, manipulative, and cunning individual, who, while proper in his speech, was far from a kind individual. More prone to staying in the sidelines than fighting, he would often manipulate others for his own benefit, using trickery and his illusions rather than brute force. However, after a year of being in Vortexx, this has changed. Granted, he is still intelligent, and fully capable of manipulation, but, in regaining his heart and also thanks to Kairi, Nia, and some others, he has become more lenient towards others, and even has a few friends, or "associates", as he sometimes calls them. As a whole, he is a better person than he was a year ago, but he will still occasionally resort to his trickery if he sees it fit, be it for obtaining information or some other reasons.
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Axel: Zex isn't so fond of Axel, especially considering that he was the one who sent Riku's Replica to kill him. That, and his sarcastic attitude and obsession with Roxas are also off-turning.

Marluxia: Hate is a word that sums it up quite nicely. Ever since arriving in the strange world, Zexion and Marluxia have been at it in various ways, and there is no chance that he would trust him. Additionally, since his return, he has found Marluxia to be a fool, simply due to the fact that his plans have gaping flaws.

Roxas: At the moment, he isn't sure what to think of him, nor is he too concerned.

Sora: Zexion found Sora to be rather childish, but not necessarily a bad person, per say. However, his naivety seemed to be one of his many weaknesses, as shown numerous times.

Riku: They fought, they quarreled, but currently? He thinks Riku's alright at most. Zexion doesn't necessarily consider him a friend, but he doesn't see him as an enemy either.

Riku Replica/Ryuu: They don't speak that much, if at all, but he doesn't necessarily hate the replica. More or less, he just doesn't care about him.

Naminé: Presently, he sees her as somewhat of a friend, but still not that close. He definitely has a respect for the girl, though, partially because she is Kairi's nobody, but also due to the fact that she has helped him on a few occasions, which, internally, at least, he appreciates somewhat.

Larxene: ...Oh dear. If anything, Zexion views Larxene as the perfect target for his own amusement. Her temper and sadistic attitude make her very fun to have verbal battles with, so to speak. More so, her stubborn views about Marluxia make her even more entertaining to speak with.

Demyx: He's not the most familiar with IX, but he sees him as a bit too childish.

Saïx: During his time in Vortexx, Zexion didn't speak with him that much, and he didn't care that much. However, when he was in Dist's body, Zexion was somewhat amused.

Kairi: Zexion's relationship with Kairi is one that's somewhat complex. A year ago, when he had originally arrived, she was essentially the one who sparked his change by treating him with kindness, despite him trying to manipulate her and Arietta. For a while, he was unsure what to think, even 'bothered' by the sentiment, but eventually he formed some sort of attachment, a would-be love of sorts. When Bakura had kidnapped her, he impulsively seemed to be irritated by that notion, not only due to the karma of himself, a manipulator, being manipulated, but also because of his strange attachment towards the girl. However, in the end, he outmatched Bakura with his own manipulative skills, and a large group of residents, who, strangely enough, wanted to help him. Shortly after, he managed to get Kairi out of a freezer, of all things, and one could assume that they became at terms with things. (Read: Yes, there was indeed some Zex/Kairi stuff goin' on. :F)

Sadly, Kairi was one to come and go several times. Each time, she seemed to have no recollection of her previous visits, one time even considering him to be a 'creep', up until she remembered things, only to disappear again. Fortunately, things are looking up for both of them, as Kairi and Zexion are on good terms, despite the fact that Yuki Nagato had revealed his rather odd feelings for her. Whether or not things will be the way they were a year ago remains to be seen, but anything's possible.

Bakura: Bakura was and will always be someone Zexion despises, if only for the fact that he had attempted to manipulate him, and even had come close to succeeding. That, and due to his interest in Kairi, Zexion has a strongly negative opinion, due to the freezer ordeal.

Dist: An interesting individual. He respected him for his scientific knowledge, but found his attitude strange.

Natalia: She was kind, and he respected her somewhat. He wasn't hurt by her leaving, though he did enjoy their conversations.

Jade: Another scientist whom he had come to respect, due to his knowledge. They didn't speak much, but Zexion often would skim his entries more thoroughly than those of others.

Nabooru: She helped him back when he was trying to stop Bakura, get Kairi, and all etc. To that extent, he saw her as a comrade, not to mention that she is intelligent, and he enjoyed speaking with her.

Mimi: Though he would hate to admit it, Zex saw her a s a sweet girl, who he owed a lot, after his brief period of 'madness'. She definitely was more caring about him than a majority of others. Even so, he wasn't too bothered when she left.

Haruko: Sick-minded, selfish, cruel, irritating, spiteful, and yet so interesting. Zexion and Haruko have known each other for months, and they have developed a strange kinship since then. In a way, Haruko has helped Zexion, although her methods were more morbid than those of others, and, in turn, Zexion has a morbid interest in her. She's what makes things interesting, most of the time, although recently he has been conflicted due to her behavior towards Kairi and Nia, both of which being more 'favored' out of most of his associates.

Mewtwo: Highly intellectual for sure, and he found him to be a very interesting being. Plus, he saved him from a couple of heartless when he had temporarily turned into a child. Their conversations were insightful and interesting, and Zexion was intrigued by his species.

Mokona: Mokona was irksome and unwanted, its antics being similar to Haruko's, but much, much worse. Unlike Haruko, however, Zexion did not have any fascination with the creature.

Aro: Zexion was unsure what he thinks of the vampire. His extreme happiness left him with a sick feeling, and he wasn't exactly pleased on how he was 'turned'. Fortunately, Zexion has returned to normal, but Aro still intimidated him, either way.

Dark Link: A foolish creature, much akin to the heartless, whose existence relies upon hate. Zexion finds him to be terribly amusing at times, especially after he became fascinated with Aeris. In fact, Zexion occasionally brings up said fascination in order to toy with the darkling.

Nia: Much like Mimi, Zexion came to care for Nia. Originally, he was intrigued by the fact that she had been so sheltered and unknowing, and eventually he sort of became a 'tutor' for her, explaining certain things every now and then. He wasn't too pleased when she left, but not too terribly bothered by it either.
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